One of  ASC vision is to advance sustainable peace and security worldwide. We believe in a systems approach to peacebuilding that recognizes the complexity of modern conflict, and which connects the multiple sectors working for peace—making strong linkages between the local, national, regional, and global levels to create a stronger scaffolding for peace.

ASC is focused on resolving conflict at schools and at the community level.  We strive to establish a society where students and communities are empowered with the skills to overcome conflict and take charge of their destiny.  ASC  is currently based in Ghana but envisages reaching other African countries in the near future.

We are committed to reduce and break the cycle of violence and poverty that continues to fuel local community conflict.


  • We are committed to promote a culture that nurtures peaceful relations at the grass root level which we  believe students  in our  various  institutions play a major  role.


  • We believe in the importance of collaboration and we aim at building strong networks with partner organizations who share in our vision of peace building and providing humanitarian support


  • Equipping the generation yet unborn to come with the leadership capacities and peace building skills necessary to end the cycle of violence.

Key Objectives of ASC Peace  and  Conflict  Program

To involve the community to be a part of conflict Resolution in a Peaceful way.

To give the opportunity to Displaced and vulnerable Children  to have access to Basic Education and to help Vulnerable women who are pregnant to be giving the necessary support so that children born to such mothers will have an equal opportunity to education.



  1. Vulnerable Children (street children, children from internally displaced families, children living in extreme poverty)


  1. Young single mothers and victims of abuse


  1. Internally displaced families


  1. Youths groups


  1. Religious leaders & local community leaders.




Mediation and Conflict resolution skill training with seminars

Drama workshops & Arts

Psychological support/ counseling

Peer education/ drug abuse awareness rehabilitation.

Entrepreneurial training and handcraft skill development.

Sports cohabitation activities &Adult Education ,health protection for women and children by supplying  birthing kits at Hospitals and Clinics.



Children Rights awareness and advocacy in  community and schools.

Sponsoring a Teacher, and having a primary school Sport cohabitation activity as well as Adult Educational clinic centers  for traumatized people