Ghana’s picturesque landscape is a beautiful to behold. From mountain peaks to valley-lows through the gargantuan Afram plains. Travelling from North to South or vice versa is an unforgettable experience. The forests, mangroves, grassland and rivers always keep your eye busy.

#6 Peaceful and stable

Ghana has been the most peaceful and stable country in sub-saharan africa but on the tenents of “Freedom and Justice” which permeates all we do and has become the envy of others.

#7 Home Away From Home

Ghana has been a home for many people in the diaspora as well many others who wish to settle down away from their origional counties.

#8 Unique Traditional and Social Events

From January to December, you have an event ot partake in. New Year Concerts and Music

Festivals, Valentine Chocolate Festival, Easter Paragliding, Bridal Festival, PANAFEST & Emancipation, and Monthly Traditional Festivals to participate in that will leave you with lifetime memories.

#9 Sea Sun and Sand to enjoy

The tropical Ghanaian climate offers one the opportunity to enjoy our beaches at all time, partake in outdoor events,

#10 Sustainable Tourism

Ghana practices sustainable tourism by encouraging non-mass tourism to preserve protectected areas as well as the environment.

Nature is important to Ghana and a conservation program strives to protect this heritage, to enable us enjoy it with our visitors and to pass it on to future generations.

Ghana has a rich natural treasure made up of 16 National Parks, Resource Reserves and Wildlife Sanctuaries, which are open throughout the year.

From the savannah of the coastal plains, the dense tropical forest and the grassland of the north to the life giving water bodies, which criss-cross the country, distinct wildlife abound.

In the various reserves accommodation can be found.


The Botanical Garden is century-old and offers a rich collection of tropical flora which attracts different birds and butterflies species.

The tranquil paths serve as a walkway for the city dwellers after a hard days work. It is about one hour’s drive from Accra, the nation’s capital.


Ankasa Conservation Area is twin Wildlife Protected Area comprising Nini-Suhien National Park and the Ankasa Resource Reserve. It is about 500km2 situated in the Western Region of Ghana.

Ankasa is the only area in the Wet Evergreen Forest Zoo. The Southwestern corner of the reserve is about 5 kilometres from the border town of Elubo. Takoradi is about 120 kilometres east.

Being the area with the highest rainfall in Ghana, Ankasa is the richest forest in terms of botanical diversity in the Country. Its natural resources are enough to announce its presence on the world tourism map as haven and Ghana’s tourism address therefore, there is no wonder that Ankasa remains as one of the natural treasures of the nation.

Its attractions include:


Being the area with the highest in Ghana, Ankasa is the richest forest in terms of botanical diversity in the Country. About three hundred (300) plant species have been recorded in a single hectare. Notable among the plant is: Makore, Dahoma and Khaya. Ankasa is home to many well know plants including: Marantas, Glory bower, Bloody Lilly. There are also spectacular ferns and orchards.


Charismatic and tourist-pulling animals such as the bongo and forest elephant as well as ten (10) primate species including the endangered Diana monkey and west African Chimpanzee abound in Ankasa. Bird fauna is also rich at least 263 bird species have been recorded so far.

The Water Fall

The Ankasa rainforest serves as shed for many steams and rivers. Three of them from which the forest derives its name are the Ankasa, Nini and Suhien. The fascinating characteristics of these rivers are the rapids found on them. The breezes along the rivers and rattling noise of the rapids are a delight to tourists. The potential canoeing is been explored.

The Bamboo Cathedral

The spectacular Bamboo Cathedral is located at Nkwanta about 8km from the Ankasa gate of the Park. Though not a church building and has no human Bishop, a priest nor a creed, the site showcases nature’s perfect architectural design. The giant and suppliant bamboos bow and criss-cross at their apex as if in a handshake to form a dome. The bamboos plants forming a canopy give the semblance of a cathedral over which the breeze presides a perfect habitation for relaxation.

Camping facilities

There are tourist camps here for those wishing to stay for a few nights in the park. The camping facilities are made mainly with local building materials are located at the Ankasa Gate, Elubo Gate and Nkwanta. These have floor space for sleeping; one can use hammocks. There are toilet and bath places as well as running water. Each facility also has fireplace and kitchen. A staff is close by the fruits abound around the area.

Access at all times from Accra through Takoradi on the Elubo highway by a 365km first class international road. From La Cote D’Ivoire the part can be reached through Osei Kojokrom and Dadieso.


Clearly, one of the main attractions of this West African country is its opulent, picturesque beaches. The coastline of Ghana was previously known as The Gold Coast and one can immediately see why. The majority of these spectacular sands are kept in Accra; where all different tastes can be suited.

If you want a more traditional beach experience then perhaps the best would be the Labadi Pleasure Beach. An entrance fee must be paid for this particular experience which might detract slightly from the enjoyment, but for your money you get one of the few beaches in Ghana which is deliberately kept clean, a plethora of restaurants and bars to avail yourself of and, on certain days, performances of cultural music and dancing; mainstream music is often also available to enjoy as well.

Ghana also boasts much more secluded, tranquil beaches. For example, Misty Beach, to be found as one leaves Accra on the way to Tema, is great for getting off the tourist-track. Whether you want to watch the army’s of fishermen leave every morning, or simply relax in the solitude lacking on larger beaches such as Labadi, this could be a great choice.

If you like a more environmental and nature-filled slant on your beach experience, then

Cocoloco Beach could be ideal. About an hour’s travel out of Accra, it marks the point where the Volta River merges into the Atlantic Ocean; creating a wonderful natural environment which has become renown for the large variety of sea turtles which breed there, as well as the huge variety of birds which can be seen in the Volta Estuary. Sticking with the Volta, the Ada beach is another such sand which merges with the river and provides spectacular, unrivalled views. If spectacular views are what you’re after, then the Kokrobrite Beach, about 30 kilometres outside of Accra, might also interest you. Its serenity is offset by dramatic hills which provide a frame to the large beach; another must for those who like to have their breath taken away.

For those who want to escape even further there is the quite ironically named Alaska Beach which is on the shore of the Gulf of Guinea. It offers a chance to escape the constant on-the-go feeling of the more touristy spots, but doesn’t leave you completely in the wild, with showers, camping facilities and even provision Ghanaian food on demandss.

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