Care for Humanity Policies

We take seriously the safety of our volunteers and the children with whom they work. Read more about our policies for care projects and care volunteers

Care for Humanity Childcare Policies

A key function of ASC is ensuring the health and safety of our volunteers, partners, and host communities.

Our Care for Humanity projects require specific precautions because they often involve working with small children. These precautions are designed to ensure the best interests of the children and the volunteers, as well as the long-term sustainability and worthwhileness of our projects.


What it’s Like Working with Children

In many cases, the plight of the children we work with is severe. Some have been abandoned by their parents, some have lived on the streets, and some are malnourished. It is right to pay attention to the unique needs of these children and focus our volunteers’ efforts on helping them.

Note: not all of our care volunteers work in orphanages. In each country we adapt to the needs and capabilities of the local community. For this reason, many of our care for humanity projects are based in kindergartens, day care centers, and special needs homes. Although the impact of volunteers in these placements is equally important, it is not correct to say that they work with orphans. Some children in orphanages may also have at least one parent alive, but family circumstances have resulted in them being cared for in an orphanage.


A Longer Project is a more Worthwhile Project

We encourage you to go for as long as you can. Whatever your timeframe, consider stretching it just a little more. As you spend each week on your project, you become more acclimatized, the children get to know you better, and you get to know them better. As time passes, you learn how things work and have more to contribute.

Some Care for Humanity projects have a minimum duration of 4 weeks. If a shorter time period is not permitted, you will see that noted on our Prices page as “n/a”. For each project, the minimum required duration is set by our staff in consultation with our local partners with a focus on worthwhileness. Typically, shorter-term volunteers require a more structured environment and work increasingly on physical jobs such as repairs and painting. Not all placements have the need or capacity for such work.


Something is Better than Nothing

When signing up for even the minimum duration, it’s important to maintain realistic expectations. A volunteer who is there for 4 weeks will not achieve as much as a volunteer who is there for 8 weeks. There are cumulative benefits.

However, in general we believe that something is better than nothing. We don’t agree with those who say that service is an all or nothing choice: either devote your life to it or do nothing at all. We are also confident that we can use volunteers of all ages and levels of experience to make a positive contribution at our Care placements.

Our Care Project Mission and Management Plans

Africa School Culture places each of our ASC volunteers at a placement where there is a need. Our mission for our volunteer projects throughout the world is to provide sustainable educational support, care, and protection to disadvantaged children and vulnerable groups to enhance their physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development.

In order to work towards this mission, in each of our destinations we produce a detailed ASC Management Plan. The management plan is created based on the needs in each destination. Our management plans establish our goals for the year and list our actions for achieving these goals.

Through following these management plans we are then able to evaluate our impact at the end of each year and set new goals for the year to come. You can read more general information about the ASC Management Plans by email Programs Mnager for copy.

Our Policies

We follow a few policies to ensure maximum effectiveness and safety for everyone involved with our Care for Humanity Projects. While any specific policy can change at any time – as we learn from experience or as new best practices emerge in our field – the underlying goal of ensuring safety and worthwhileness remains constant.


Care for Humanity Volunteers must:

Submit to a background check if they are aged 21+ .Give a professional or academic reference.Follow the Child Protection Policy document which will be covered by a member of staff as part of the induction process. Participate in workshops and feedback sessions throughout their project. Report any cases or suspected cases of child abuse to ASC Projects Coordinator or ASC Office  and a locally registered NGO specifically focused on stopping child abuse (designated by ASC for each country).Never take children out of the placement alone or without the advance permission from the placement supervisor and ASC Projects staff. Fill out a feedback form immediately prior to their return home.

Care Partner Organizations must:

Be legally registered to operate in their intended use. Sign an agreement with ASC which covers many topics such as communication and health & safety. Allow ASC staff to visit the placement regularly for monitoring purposes.



Volunteer Teaching Abroad

Teaching volunteers work alongside local teachers to help improve English levels and literacy. You do not need to have previous experience to volunteer abroad as a teacher, just energy, enthusiasm, and patience. You can teach younger students or adults, and if you have the necessary skills you could also volunteer abroad teaching French, IT, music, or sports.(picture)


Conservation & Environment


Volunteer Conservation Work

Our volunteer abroad Conservation and Environment Projects focus on preserving some of the most beautiful and vulnerable ecosystems around the world. Whether you volunteer abroad in a rainforest, on the coast, or in a nature reserve, you will be working alongside dedicated local staff to protect the area and raise awareness about the importance of conservation.




Volunteer Sports Coaching

Sports volunteer abroad programs are popular with those who have a background in playing or coaching soccer, basketball, volleyball, water sports, and more. Sports bring people together and help build strong communities, as well as contribute to the creation of healthy, happy individuals.


Agriculture & Farming


Volunteer Farming Abroad

Agriculture & Farming volunteers get their hands dirty helping schools and disadvantaged communities raise crops to support themselves. You will also have an important role to play as a volunteer abroad promoting responsible and sustainable farming practices in local communities.


Creative & Performing Arts


Volunteer Abroad in the Arts

Volunteer abroad in the creative and performing arts and share your knowledge and skills in your art form with the local community while learning the traditions of their destination country. These placements are great for those who have a background in music, dance or drama and a passion for sharing their interests.(picture)

ASC Coach Sports and Volunteer Abroad

Wherever you travel in the world you will always find people who love sports. Sports bring people together and help to build strong communities, as well as contribute to the creation of healthy, happy individuals and exibit once  culture. Sports can also provide a much-needed distraction from more negative aspects of people’s lives and, to many people from disadvantaged backgrounds, it can offer a route out of poverty and a path of excitement and promise.

Regular and organized sports coaching can have a very positive impact on children. As well as the obvious physical and mental benefits that regular exercise provides, there are many inherent life-skills to be learned, such as the importance of teamwork, communication, and discipline. And, of course, there is a great deal of fun and excitement to be had along the way!

Each of our international volunteer Sports projects share the following aims:

Fostering of local sports talent through provision of quality coaches and support for our volunteer trainee coaches.Development of the wider communities in which we work through offering alternatives to young people from impoverished areas.Inclusion – making sports available to all.

As a volunteer coach on a ASC Sports Project, you will be helping with all these aspects of development while working with the most enthusiastic people in some of the poorest communities in the developing world.

Volunteer Work and Sports Abroad

Through well-established relationships with local teams, clubs, and carefully structured sports placements, we are able to assist volunteers regardless of coaching experience. Whatever your interests we can find the right Sports project overseas for you!




After School Sports

After School Sports programs are about providing access to sports recreation for all people in local communities. You can volunteer with afterschool clubs or in orphanages and care centers.



Volunteer with dedicated basketball clubs or teach the sport as part of PE lessons at schools. Work as an assistant coach and help local children improve their agility and ball-handling skills.

Teach Physical Education

Volunteer with local schools and help provide PE lessons to young children. In some schools you can work as an assistant PE teacher, learning from a local member of staff.


Volunteer with youth soccer clubs or teach soccer in schools. You will usually work as an assistant alongside a local teacher or coach. You can help local children build their speed, stamina and agility


Get involved in surfing and swimming lessons for local children. You can teach the children new skills and foster a life-long love of the ocean. Perfect for volunteers who love the outdoors and the beach.

Track and Field

Help train children and young adults in a variety of track & field sports and improve their technique, teamwork, and leadership. You will work alongside local coaches in sports clubs.



You can volunteer with dedicated volleyball clubs or coach volleyball as one of a number of sports in schools. You will work alongside local coaches to help children improve their basic technique.(picture)


Volunteer Agriculture & Farming Abroad

Access to safe and healthy food is a fundamental concern of any society. ASC volunteers on Agriculture & Farming projects get involved with community-based agricultural initiatives aimed at providing sustainable local food sources and promoting responsible farming.


Anyone can get involved and help by volunteering on an Agriculture & Farming project. Working on a farm is suitable for volunteers of all ages, from gap year and college students looking for summer programs to families and retirees volunteering abroad together.

Sustainable and Organic Farming Work Abroad

Using pesticides and other destructive agricultural techniques can have a lasting negative impact on the environment and threaten the future wellbeing of an entire region. ASC’s Agriculture & Farming projects focus on expanding sustainable and organic farming practices and educating local communities on their benefits.(picture)



Combine some time working at our small farm and garden in the Akuapem Hills with work on a teaching, care or building project.(picture)



Gain an insight into agriculture and farming in a tropical environment and lend a much-needed hand by working on a local organic farm.(picture)


Volunteer in the Performing Arts Abroad

If you have a passion for the arts then you can really make a difference by volunteering on one of our performing arts placements abroad. By spending time on a performing arts project, you get to impart your knowledge about the art form you specialize in while learning about local traditions and cultures  in the destination country.

We have a variety of projects available for you to choose from, including music, dance, drama, music production, and more. As a volunteer on one of these projects, you can have a hugely positive impact on your host community. Whether you are helping children improve their communication skills, teaching teenagers to express themselves through the arts, or promoting local talented musicians, you will have an important role to play.

For volunteers looking to do performing arts, we recommend that you have some background in the area of the project you want to do in order to take on more independent work, though it’s not required to join the placements. As long as you have a general interest and are willing to fully invest yourself in your students, then you’ll have a fabulous time abroad!



Creative Arts 

Help young people develop their talents and become more aware of the opportunities in a range of artistic areas, such as art, drama, music, and dance.(picture)


Volunteer in Ghana and work on acting workshops, coach drama groups, and help students before performances. You can work with either elementary or high school students.


Work with school children by assisting with acting workshops, coaching drama groups, and helping them before performances. Learn about theatre in Ghana, and share your own theatre knowledge. You could also teach basic English lessons during the project.


Have fun and help with the development of children by teaching music at a local school or a center for the visually impaired in Art Center Accra or Kumasi Cultural Center . This project uses a blend of traditional and western music to provide a positive outlet for children. Share your knowledge and enthusiasm for music on our music project in Ghana. The project focuses on teaching children and teenagers music appreciation and how to play musical instruments including the keyboard, guitar, violin, flute, and drums

Music & Culture 

The Music & Culture project in Ghana allows you to combine your passion for music with the cross-cultural experience of learning about the rich traditions of Ghana. Time is split between learning about Ghanaian history and culture, including Twi and Ga language lessons, and practicing with local musicians. If you feel up to it you can even perform with them at local cafes!