Study Tours give  students the opportunity to explore the economic, political, and cultural contexts of businesses in regions around the world. Tours are proposed by students, who then partner with faculty and staff mentors to plan the tour together with staff of ASC.

The ASC Tour department organises Study Tour programs both in Ghana and outside  Ghana for High Schools, Colleges and  Universities. ASC Tours can design programs to suit the needs of any group.

Whether the group size is 10 or 50, for a day or 3 weeks in length, we can design a program to suit your requirements. We strive to include experiences that the students will find interesting, unique, and fun.

Our programs can incorporate interactive and effective English lessons, the beautiful sites of our various destinations, the opportunity to meet international  students and people well vested in academics as well as live in a friendly environment .

Our tailor-made programs can also include overnight camp meetings spiced with African folk tales amidst drumming and dancing.

Prices are given on a package basis and include the following:

English lessons


Airport tickets & transfers

Welcome drink and snack

Meals as required

Internal Travel Passes

All activities

ASC Certificate

Farewell BBQ Lunch/ Dinner

Delegation visits and study tours

Study tours are available to group, students and staff of educational institutions as well as associations,  and other business organisations wanting a unique educational experience. The study tours include visiting Ghanaian  colleges, universities or any of our foreign university partners and participating in classes, excursions and special events.

ASC International Study Tours provide an insight into education in anywhere you choose and are tailored to the interests and needs of each group. We specialise in distance education, English language programs and professional development of students and teachers.

What will it Cost?

Study tours are customised to suit the group’s interests and budget. Program costs are calculated according to the options included in the package. Because each study tour program is different, each program is individually costed. Costs are based on a number of factors including the number of days and participants.

Once we have received information from you regarding proposed areas of study, we will develop a proposal and quote for you. There is no obligation during this process. A signed contract is required before formal planning of the program can begin at which time an invoice will be issued.

You need assistance with your Educational Tour sometimes…

Most study tours go off without a hitch.  Occasionally though universities need to have someone on the ground to help with suprises.  The ASC  group runs educational tours where a project manager and a local junior staff member travel throughout the program with the  students and teaching staff.  99% of the time there are no issues but if there is, there is always someone available to assist

.Support is from airport pickup to airport drop off.  We also have at least one staff member on hand to answer any question any of the groups might have.  From where the best food is through to how do I get a local SIM card.

Hopefully you wont need it but  medical support on your educational tour, is available too.  Requiring medical assistance in a foreign country can be stressful.  Not speaking the local language adds to the stress.  It is clear that students and academics alike need to have immediate, convenient and comfortable access to medical treatment should it be required.  We manage these stressful moments by connecting the tour participant to the right medical facility.  Of course, we remain throughout as required. ASC have both local and international insurance policies for our travelers. Ask more from the ASC team of staff.

Arrange with your University’s Risk Management Policy

In many ways, The Study Tour Experts seek to mitigate the risk for the university.  We provide around-the-clock service to academics and students during the time they stay in the countries they are visiting as part of their study tour. While  an educational tour is quite uneventful, some  are not. There are many unforeseen circumstances that may arise and the study tour experts are equipped to handle such situations when they arise.   While not always critical, such in-country service is often important.

The Study Tour Experts have more than enough experience to handle most matters that occur in-country on an educational tour.  Having both a senior project manager travel alongside a junior support staff and (where required) a tour guide, is a core part of our offering . This allows us to provide the right kind of service should the unlikely become the absolute certain.

Building a database of students

Building a database of students throughout the year is critical to the success of any study tour. Most students make their minds up one or two semesters before the study tour. Let us help you manage this database.

Following up on Students

As you have no doubt discovered, the constant follow up with students around queries they have regarding the small details and any big changes to the study tour can be quite consuming. Let us help.

Documents and Procedures

Students need to know about visa requirements, make requests for special food needs,etc..please contact us for help

Enjoy the freedom to be an academic! (picture)

You have more than enough to go on with during the year. After all, the study tour isn’t until the end of the year and for now you have to attend to other courses, university admissions, other student requests and so on. Unfortunately, the need to communicate to potential students for the study tour is a 12 month a year habit you may need to get into. At ASC, we have been assisting clients with this for years and are more than happy to lift this weight from your shoulders by assisting in all the ways we can.