With African  School Culture, you can travel with purpose and explore the world as a volunteer abroad for a period  of time. We offer number  of worthwhile projects in more 20 developing countries – you will find that there is a program to suit every skill level and interest! Each project is designed to benefit the community and contribute to sustainable development.

When you volunteering abroad:

.You can start your project whenever you want.

.You can volunteer abroad from one week to a full year and you decide how much time you can commit.

.You will become part of a global network of international volunteers.

.Our trained and resident staff members will ensure that you have all the backup and support you need as a volunteer abroad


Care for Humanity Project

Volunteer abroad in orphanages, care centers, kindergartens, and special needs centers around the world. You will help children get ready for the day, play games, assist with homework and mealtimes, and more. These are well-rounded volunteer abroad placements that allow you to share your interests and skills with children in need.

ASC placements are a chance for volunteers of all ages and experience levels to really make a difference to children who may otherwise have little or no mental stimulation in their lives. People are often unaware of the impact they can have on another person’s life, with even the smallest gesture.

ASC volunteers don’t need to be qualified or have previous experience. The only qualities that our volunteers need to possess are compassion for fellow human beings and a desire to improve the lives of those with domestic or physical circumstances less fortunate than their own.

General Care Volunteer Options

General ASC Projects are available in all of our destinations and are separated into various placement categories.

These include: Orphanage Work ASC Centers and Kindergartens Special Needs

We also have additional ASC Projects available in some destinations, such as HIV/AIDS and Child Rights Initiative

ASC Project Mission and Management Plans


ASC places each of our Care for Humanity volunteers at a placement where there is a need for extra support. Our mission for our  Projects throughout the world is to provide sustainable educational support and individualized care and protection to disadvantaged children and vulnerable groups to enhance their physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development.

In order to work towards this mission, in each of our destinations we produce a detailed ASC Management Plan. The management plan is created based on the needs in each destination. Our management plans establish our goals for the year and list our actions for achieving these goals. Through following these management plans, we are then able to evaluate our impact at the end of each year and set new goals for the year to come. You can read more general information about the Care Management Plans from programs manager, and read the Care for Humanity plans for specific destinations.